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To whom this may concern, I am considering using your services for the request I posted. But before I select you I have some questions. As you may know this if for commercial use for a client. It will be used on A tshirt that will be sold on the merchant site. It needs to be 12inches by 12inches or 2100 by 2100 pixels. It needs to be a PNG with a transparent background. The t-shirt that it will be printed on will be white so a thin black outline may be needed to ensure the text and characters don't blend into the background. The Title text on top of the sample file that I had posted in with the request currently reads MINECRAFT. Using that same style and colors I need the Text to be changed to read the following, exactly how I word it. ll_eNiGmA_ll . That is 2 lower case L's followed by an underscore, than a lower E, Upper N, Lower I, Upper G, Lower M, Upper A followed by an underscore and then two Lower case L's. I would like the A in enigma to look like the A in the font provided. Also the character needs to be modeled to look like the person in the attachment in this message. The text at the bottom that reads "WORST ENDERCON EVER" should be modeled like the text at the top.

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Illustrate anything you want
United state
Everything was completed on time and the finished product came out exactly how I wanted it too. The communication between Mimmaapp was amazing. He listened to everything I said and made sure the project progressed exactly how I wanted it to. Thank you. Will do business again in the future!