Website Development
Website Development

Good website development & design is an indispensable part of your online presence. Whether you are reaching out to other businesses or attracting consumers, the overall visual communication of your website should convey the credibility of your brand or service. Our website developers ensure your business website and interface are built with growth and flexibility in mind. Great development transforms design elements into engaging features, powerful functionality and interactive web pages and off course with best prices. We guarantee you for a premium website development and design.

Graphics Design
Graphics Design

ImaxQ graphic design division delivers compelling and inspired print materials to promote your communication efforts. We have applied our decades of experience to establish a small, efficient and effective agency that provides high-caliber graphic design at competitive prices. Our attention to detail and focus on customized design supports your goals in growing your business.We are a creative graphic design company. Our design philosophy is simple; we work closely with our clients to create design with character and relevance, fulfilling briefs to the letter.

Animation Video
Animation Video

We empower you with award winning teams that help you innovate and build great software products. Form the team that suits you best, on a short notice and only when you need it. You benefit from our amazing work environment and proven development process - that makes us passionate about what we do and reliable in our delivery.Our main services are software Development, Web application development, Web design and Development, Offshore software Development, Mobile Apps Development, Graphic design & Print Media. We provide all kinds of customized software.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Having a well thought-out and informed strategy allows you to choose the most appropriate digital channels that will enable you to reach your goals. ImaxQ, will help you to identify where your customers spend their time, what budgets to spend, who your competition is in the online space and what resources you should apply. It represents the foundation upon which all your marketing activity is built and key to any business.

Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance

A website maintenance plan is key to the ongoing success of your website. As Internet trends and technologies are constantly evolving, and your business is growing, website maintenance plans ensure your site evolves with changing demands of visitors. Because we're a website maintenance company, we know all of the concepts and tricks to help your website stay strong as the Internet evolves. Our website support services are offered under an annual contract payable monthly, at extremely affordable rates. We will work for you until you are 100% satisfied.

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